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Beijing Tongqing Putian Technology Develop Co., Ltd, regarding the development and manufacture of the new medicine and pharmaceutical intermediates as its researching orientation, relying on the solid technology strength, has developed into a technology new drug research company with solid strength. In the final analysis, it is can¡¯t be divided from the technology of the company, which is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

(1). The company emphasizes the talents training, stress ¡°human oriented¡± striving to a set up a scientific research team of high level.
In the viewpoint of the talents structure, the company possesses a batch of senior researchers with years¡¯ experiences (all the leaders of the subject field), whose specialties cover the chemical synthesis, chemical analyze and techniques research, which are the core strength in the researching field of the new medicine. The company also pays more attention to the talents training, which have formed the technology team subject leaders as the head, the primary and intermediate technique personnel upper the junior college as the skeleton technology team, whose specialties coverage is very wide, including the scientific research technology personnel, information maintainers, administration managers, financing managers and so on. Utilizing the computers to manage the long-distance information and synthesize query of the data materials have become the basic manner of the modern corporation management. The primary and intermediate technique personnel, who can accomplish the new task independently from the materials survey to the experiment arrangement, go through the channel and techniques optimization and so on, have been the rebirth force. With the continual deepening and innovation of the company management, outfitting of the personnel has been the working focus, which has established the firm base for the healthy and orderly development.

(2). The hardware establishment is advanced and complete, which can satisfy the manufacturing demand of the scientific research.
Under the support of the local government, the company prepares the capitals on its own and has established the five rows of scientific research labs, besides the routine experiment equipments, also have purchased hi-vacuum distill instruments, outputs abruption instruments and press and low-temperature feedback instruments and so on the special experiments instruments, which make the company possess the excellent scientific research qualification. Meanwhile, it has consign the examine measure of altitude institutions in Beijing to examine and evaluate the researched products, techniques channel and the quality level. The hardware equipments are our important material resources, which supply the reliable material guarantee and play a importance holding the balance.

(3). The researching fruits are outstanding and the developing foreground is amplitude.
The kind of the new medicine and the pharmaceutical intermediates, which have been manufactured successfully and put into the market, have reach the several tens, for instance Olmesartan, Adiwif, carvacrol and so on, in which six products have exported to abroad. It has supplied the material medicine products for the large-scale medicine manufacturer, which the technology contents and the appending value have been certificated by corporations of the same industry. Besides, it has also transferred the techniques and technology of the material medicine to the large-scale company. And the manufacturing base of material medicine constructed with the manufacturing place and GMP aptitude supplied by the Chifeng Wanze Medicine and the technology support supplied by our company, has established the footstone for the scientific fruits transfer to the practical productivity, which make the force and the well-known advance.
In a word, regarding the development of the new products as the core, the talents as the focus, the quality as the center, the company extends actively the communication and cooperation with the enterprises of the same kinds, hope the person of insight to join in our company and compose the new chapter of the Tongqing Putian together.

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